Jan 01

First annual Nooruz postgraduate Workshop — Exeter 2011

University of Exeter, 21–22 March 2011

Off-campus visitors can see a map with an arrow pointing to the location of the Amory building here.

Monday 21 March

12.00–1.00pm: Arrival

Please convene at John Heathershaw’s office: Room 229, Amory building, Rennes drive.

1.00–2.00pm, Lunch: Location TBA

2.00–3.00pm, Roundtable: Kyrgyzstan’s political crisis, Amory building, Room 316

With students from John Heathershaw’s third-year module, Central Asian Politics.

Chair: John Heathershaw


  • Madeleine Reeves, Steffi Ortmann, Asel Doolotkeldieva, plus others

3.15–4.45pm, Panel 1: The Family and gender relations, Room 402

Chair: Madeleine Reeves


  • Medina Aitieva, University of Manchester: “An Approach to the Study of the Transnational Family in Kyrgyzstan”
  • Zulfiya Bakhtibekova, University of Exeter: “Early female marriages in Tajikistan: understanding the reasons”

5.15–6.45pm, Seminar: Queens Building, Margaret Room 1

Chair: John Heathershaw


  • Madeleine Reeves, University of Manchester: “Mourning, violence and political community in Kyrgyzstan’s ‘April Events’ of 2010”

7.30pm onwards: Nooruz celebration at the [then] home of Zamira Dildorbekova

Tuesday 22 March

9.15–10.45am: Panel 2: Politics and political change in Kyrgyzstan, Room 239C

Chair: Steffi Ortmann


  • Zamira Dildorbekova, University of Exeter: “Why civil war over peaceful democratic transition: A prehistory to contemporary analysis of authoritarianism and democracy in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan”
  • Asel Doolotkeldieva, University of Exeter: “Conditions for democratization within the Kyrgyz society”
  • Elima Karalaeva, University of Exeter: “Tax reform and fiscal consolidation in the Kyrgyz Republic”

11.15–12.45pm: Panel 3: Political economy and the state, Amory 229

Chair: John Heathershaw

  • Gulzat Botoeva, University of Essex: “Drug economy in the post-soviet Kyrgyzstan”
  • Timor Sharan, University of Exeter: “Network politics and the state in Afghanistan”
  • Zulfia Satimbai, Amnesty International: TBC

1pm onwards: lunch (location TBA) and departure