Jan 01

Third annual Nooruz postgraduate Workshop — Newcastle 2013

Thursday 21st – Friday 22nd March
Newcastle University
School of Geography, Politics and Sociology / School of Modern Languages,
Seminar Room 2.22, Research Beehive, 2nd Floor, Old Library Building

Thursday 22 March

12.00–1.00pm: Buffet lunch (halal)

1.00–1.15pm: Welcoming remarks from the organizers

1.15–3.00pm, Panel 1: Religion and Politics in Central Asia


  • Amrisho Lashkariev, Tübingen University, Germany: “Nawruz in Yoged: Sunni-Ismaili relations in the context of the festival”
  • Vera Vesela, Institute of International Relations, Czech Republic: “Alternative approaches to studying ‘Political Islam’ in Central Asia”
  • Edward Lemon, University of Exeter, UK: “The (mis)representation of Islamic radicalization in Tajikistan”
  • Asel Dooletkeldieva, University of Exeter, UK: “Coping with contingency and uncertainty in the aftermath of April 2010: Opposition networks in the Talas province of Kyrgyzstan”

3.00–3.30pm Break for refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, biscuits)

3.30–5.30pm, Panel 2: Governance, Security, and Cooperation in Central Asia


  • Aijan Sharshenova, University of Leeds, UK: “Evolution of governance in the post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan”
  • Johan Engvall, Uppsala University, Sweden: “The state as investment market: an analytical framework for understanding politics and bureaucracy in Kyrgyzstan”
  • Irna Hoffman, Leiden University, Netherlands: “Chinese land investments in Tajikistan”
  • Svetlana Ancker, School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK: “Exploring issues of HIV/AIDS and social policy in Kyrgyzstan”
  • Kemel Toktomushev, University of Exeter, UK: “Regime security, rent-seeking and the state: An analysis of the international political economy of supplying jet fuel to the American airbase in Kyrgyzstan”

5.30–6.00pm: Break

6.00–7.30pm, Keynote lecture by Dr John Heathershaw (University of Exeter)

Keynote “The global performance state: a reconsideration of the Central Asian ‘weak state’”, followed by Q&A session

8.00pm– : Dinner at Red Mezze Turkish restaurant

Friday 22 March

9.00–11.00am, Panel 3: Historical perspectives


  • Timothy Nunan, Oxford University, UK: “The Thin Twisted Thread: Soviet Komsomol advisors in Southern Afghanistan, c. 1981–1988”
  • Katherine Hughes, SOAS, UK: “Through a postcolonial/post-Soviet lens? Remembering the past in Tajik museums and indicating the future”
  • Jampeissova Zhanar, University of Manchester, UK: “The impact of Russian statistical science on the academic views and statistical approaches of F. Sherbina in his expedition to the Kazakh steppe (second half of the XIXth C – the beginning of the XXth C)”
  • Batir Xasanov, Tel Aviv University, Israel: “Chingis Khan from villain to national hero: The metamorphoses in historical discourse in Kazakhstan”
  • Elena Paskaleva, Leiden University, Netherlands: “Uzbekifying the Timurid architecture in Uzbekistan”

11.00–11.30am Break for refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, biscuits)

11.30am–1.00pm, Panel 4: Society and Identity in Central Asia


  • Zulfiya Bakhtibekova, University of Exeter, UK: “The underlying causes of underage marriage: Rural and urban cases from Tajikistan”
  • Rano Turayeva, Max Plank Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany: “Social status and making of hierarchies: Kichkina and katta in Uzbekistan”
  • Mashura Akilova, Columbia University, USA: “Child labour: A narrative story of child labourers and their parents in Tajikistan”
  • Mamtymyn Sunuodula, University of Durham, UK: “Multilingualism and negotiating Uyghur identity”

1.00–2.00pm Lunch break (halal buffet)

2.00–3.30pm, Panel 5: Borders and Migration in Central Asia


  • Guldana Sarbassova, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands: “Horse culture as a ‘prism’ of national Kazakh heritage”
  • Eliza Isabaeva, University of Zurich, Switzerland: “The journey of legalization: The case of an informal squatter settlement in Bishkek”
  • Medina Aitieva, University of Manchester, UK: “Documented-ness: Negotiations of belonging of Kyrgyzstani migrants in Russia”
  • Katarzyna Kacmarska, Aberystwyth University, UK: “Two visions of the border: International society and Kyrgyz-Tajik cross-border cooperation”

3.30–4.00pm Break for refreshments (tea, coffee, juice, biscuits)

4.00–5.00pm Workshop on Academic Publishing

Facilitated by Raphael Jacquet, Submissions Editor, Central Asian Survey

5.00pm: Closing