Dec 06

Thieves of Honour

A friend of mine, Kent Mathieson, has written a novel.  I have yet to read it (but will do this holiday) so am yet to assess its literary quality!

He writes:

Are you looking for a Christmas/ Novyi God present? The book ‘Thieves of Honour’ could be a great present. This book, a novel, is set in a Kyrgyz village. Through the story of a development project and the relationships in a community, it looks at the theme of honour/shame in Kyrgyz culture. For some reviews on the book, check out:
The book is available in Bishkek in paperback form (US$10 or 500 som) – call Ruslan on 0770 508234 during work hours.
As an e-book it is available on Amazon (US, UK and now even Amazon Australia!), as well as Kobo, Barnes and Nobel and other e-book sellers.

For more information write to me at: