Jul 13

Hold a Vigil for Alexander Sodiqov

Hold a vigil for Alexander Sodiqov.

Every month, at or near to 12.15pm on the 16th day of the month, we call upon all supporters of Alexander to meet for a few minutes to remember him in a small act of silent but public protest.

Starting on 16 July, please meet with colleagues and friends in front of a public or university building to demonstrate Alex’s right to freedom of association and highlight the injustice of his detainment.  If you live in a capital city with an Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan please consider holding your vigil there.

Hold up a sign of #freealexsodiqov and take a picture.  Send it to cg.freesodiqov@gmail.com or freealexandersodiqov@gmail.com

Share the photos via instagram with the #FreeAlexSodiqov

Pictures may be displayed on our website: http://freealexsodiqov.org/wp/

For more information on Alex’s detention see: