Jan 30

Edil Baisalov speaks at Exeter on 1 February

Edil Baisalov, Kyrgyz Political Activist

A Conversation about Islamic Radicalization in Central Asia

2.00-3.00pm, Wednesday 1 February

Amory 142, University of Exeter

Edil Baisalov is one of the most well-known political figures in Kyrgyzstan having been a prominent civil society activist and subsequently served in senior positions inside government. In 1999, he founded the Coalition for Democracy Sand Civil Society which quickly became the leading watchdog body in the country with an unparalleled network of grassroots organizations. Having served as an election observer and executive secretary of an opposition party, he was targeted by the Bakiev government and became a political refugee in Sweden in 2007. After this government was overthrown in 2010 he became heavily involved in the interim administration and served as chief of staff to the interim President Roza Otunbaeva. He later served as Minister for Children, Elderly and Disabled from 2012-2013. He is one of Kyrgyzstan’s leading political commentators with the largest twitter following in the country.

Edil is in the UK for the 20th anniversary celebration of the BBC Kyrgyz service in London and has kindly agreed to make a flying visit to London. The conversation with Edil will address the rise of ‘non-traditional’ Islam in Kyrgyzstan and its effects on society and politics.