Apr 20

How Postcolonial is Post-Western IR? Understanding the International Politics of Russia and Central Asia

Scholars of International Relations have called for the creation of a post-Western IR that reflects the global and local contexts of the declining power and legitimacy of the West. Based on interviews with Russian and Central Asian political, economic, and cultural elites, the talk explores the emergence in a particular region of a new global politics of a post-Western type. In this context, a post-Western international politics is emerging with a postcolonial aspect but without the substantive mimicry and hybrid spaces characteristic of established postcolonial relations.

Join the conversation with John Heathershaw and Ed Shatz on the 2nd of May at the Munk School of Global Affairs, Toronto. Find out more here.

The presentation is based on a paper in the Review of International Studies co-authored by John Heathershaw and Catherine Owen of Exeter and Igor Savin of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow.