May 01

Online Round Table on the tenth anniversary of the 7th April Revolution in Kyrgyzstan

The University of Exeter Central Asian Network (ExCAS) and the Oxford Society for the Caspian and Central Asia (TOSCCA) are pleased to be organising an online round table and discussion forum on the legacies of the 2010 revolution in Kyrgyzstan, exploring the following questions:

1) In retrospect, did the April 7 revolution prevent a slide to a perpetual dictatorship in Kyrgyzstan?  How does politics today look different because of the revolution?
2) After two revolutions in five years, why has Kyrgyzstan now seen two handovers of power according to its constitution and no further serious political violence?
3) To what extent was the ethnic violence of June 2010 caused by the revolution and the political instability it caused?  What other factors mattered?
4) What has been the legacy of the ethnic violence for Kyrgyzstan?  To what extent have Uzbeks become excluded from Kyrgyzstan’s economy and society and how may this be addressed?

The forum will be held on Zoom from 3-5pm BST on Monday 4th May, accessible at the following link:

Chair: John Heathershaw, University of Exeter

Introductory Remarks from Roza Otunbayeva

HE Edil Baisalov, ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic in the United Kingdom
Gulzat Botoeva (University of Roehampton)
Eugene Huskey (Stetson University)
Emil Juraev (OSCE Academy, Bishkek)
David Lewis (University of Exeter)
Nick Megoran (Newcastle University)

Each speaker will speak for 5-10 minutes, followed by a general discussion in which the audience are encouraged to ask questions and participate.