Inside Turkmenistan’s Economic Crisis – Part 3

Part 3: Berdymukhammedov on the brink Turkmenistan’s economic crisis is a product of a personalised and authoritarian regime.  To return […]

Inside Turkmenistan’s Economic Crisis – Part 2

Part 2: Gas, dependency, and debt Turkmenistan’s shift from Russia to China as its leading customer has not reduced dependency […]

Inside Turkmenistan’s Economic Crisis – Part 1

Part 1: Running Out of Cash Let us start with the vital element in the economy — the currency. According […]

Inside Turkmenistan’s Economic Crisis – Introduction

By Ronald Watson

Editor’s introduction by John Heathershaw Turkmenistan is the least-well studied and perhaps most-poorly understood of the Central Asian republics.  We […]

Event Report: Completion of Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia project (London, 13-14 July 2016)

On 13-14 July, 2016, we held closing events in London for the ESRC research project ‘Rising Powers and Conflict Management […]

Central Asian Political Exiles database launched

The Central Asian Political Exiles database (CAPE) is now live. The database includes exiles and political refugees from five Central […]

No shelter: the harassment of activists abroad by intelligence services from the former Soviet Union

John Heathershaw speaks at Houses of Parliament on Central Asian Political Exiles databas

Online: Date: Tuesday November 22nd 2016 Time: 6.00pm-7.30pm Venue: Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London Speakers: […]

Is there a Rahmon family feud over Tajikistan’s aluminium company and its offshore schemes?

An odd story is emerging from Tajikistan with regard to the infamous aluminium company (Talco) and its offshore dealings. On […]

With Uzbekistan’s dictator dead, Russia seeks to extend its influence

This article originally appeared at The Conversation on September 9 and got 30,000 reads in the first few days. The death of […]

Exeter-Newcastle Postgraduate Workshop on Central Asia 2017

Call for Papers open until Dec 16

Call for Papers Annual Navro’z / Nawruz Postgraduate Workshop on Central Asia Asian Studies Research Group, Newcastle University Contemporary Spaces […]

After 25 years of independence, Tajikistan is a bastion of torture and repression

By John Heathershaw and Edward Lemon This article first appeared at The Conversation As Tajikistan marks 25 years since its independence […]

For Karimov, the personal was always political

Alexander Cooley & John Heathershaw The death of Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan’s president, marks the end of one of the world’s […]