Debating China in Central Asia

Will China continue to defer to Russia in Central Asia’s international security relations? Revised: 2 November 2015 What kind of great […]

US looks away as tyranny steals a march in Central Asia

This post originally appeared on’s Beyond Brics: Photocredit: David Trilling, Central Asian democracy was dealt another critical […]

Tajikistan Faces Another Rebellion from Within

What does the Hoji Halim rebellion tell us about conflict management and the state in Central Asia? By John Heathershaw […]

Class of 2015

Congratulations to the eight, yes EIGHT, Exeter Central Asian Studies associates and friends who completed their PhD and/or graduated in the […]

Why do Central Asians join ISIS?

What little we know suggests that the non-religious reasons Central Asians join ISIS are more important than the religious factors […]

What does the impending demise of the IRPT mean for Tajikistan?

What does the loss of political status for the IRPT mean for Tajikistan?  And why do Western governments apparently no […]

What does the Halimov defection tell us about Tajikistan?

Cover photo: Still from ISIS video with Gulmurod Halimov    Credit: YouTube What does the Gulmurod Halimov defection tell us […]

Who killed Tajik opposition leader Umarali Kuvatov and why?

Cover Photo: Umarali Kuvatov    Photo Credit: Umarali Kuvatov, the leader of Group of 24, was killed last night […]

Learning in Governance: Researcher Exchanges in Kazakhstan

By Claire Dunlop and Claudio Radaelli, Department of Politics, University of Exeter In February we led a three-day political science workshop […]

Who Says Syria’s Calling? Why It Is Sometimes Better to Admit That We Just Do Not Know

Cover Photo: Tajik fighter Olim Yusuf    Credit: YouTube The International Crisis Group’s (ICG) latest report on the radicalization of Muslims […]

The ‘Muslim radicalisation of Central Asia’ is a dangerous myth

Security think-tanks and online expert communities in the Western world are perpetuating the dangerous myth that Muslim radicalisation is rife […]

John Heathershaw on Alexander Sodiqov’s release, 12 September 2014

Personal statement by John Heathershaw on Alexander Sodiqov’s release, 12 September 2014 I am delighted that Alexander, Musharraf and daughter Erica […]