Write to the President of Tajikistan by July 28 (Eid ul-Fitr)

Please write to the President of Tajikistan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs greeting them on the end of  Ramadan, […]

Hold a Vigil for Alexander Sodiqov

Hold a vigil for Alexander Sodiqov. Every month, at or near to 12.15pm on the 16th day of the month, […]

Write to the Government of Tajikistan

On 16 July 2014, Alex Sodiqov has been detained without charge for a month.  He faces a ‘secret’ legal process […]

Free Alex Sodiqov: University of Toronto campaign

This is a link to the University of Toronto site with lots of resources and updates on the campaign: http://freealexsodiqov.org/wp/

Write a letter to a national newspaper in support of Alex Sodiqov

This is a resource to be used in the campaign to free Alex Sodiqov from detention in Tajikistan LETTER TO […]

John Heathershaw’s statement about Alexander Sodiqov, 19 June

Thursday 19 June, 2014   FULL STATEMENT BY JOHN HEATHERSHAW   On Monday 16 June at approximately 2.30pm my academic […]

Academic organizations with 4,500 members express their support for Alexander Sodiqov

Monday, June 23, 2014  STATEMENT CONCERNING THE DETENTION OF ACADEMIC RESEARCHER ALEXANDER SODIQOV  On behalf of the 4,300 constituent members […]

EVENT: Researchers at Risk in Central Asia: the Detention of Alexander Sodiqov – 27 June

Researchers at Risk in Central Asia: the Detention of Alexander Sodiqov A Global Discussion 27 June 2014   University of […]

Write to your MP about Alexander Sodiqov

Please support the release of Alexander Sodiqov, a researcher of the University of Exeter, held incommunicado and charged with Treason […]

Dictators without borders

Central Asian dictators close down the space for domestic political opposition. But politics is still present, only it has moved […]

Tom Mayne (Global Witness) to speak on Central Asian corruption

Corruption in Central Asia: Can the extractive industries’ transparency initiative help? Friday 2 May, 11am-1pm, Queen’s Building LT7,1+2 Tom Mayne, Global […]

John Heathershaw speaks at inaugural meeting of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Tajikistan

On 1 April 2014, John Heathershaw spoke at the inaugural meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Tajikistan at the Houses […]