ExCAS network members Timor Sharan and Lucy Morgan Edwards have considerable fieldwork and practical experience from Afghanistan.  Working with the University of Exeter’s Strategy and Security Institute we seek to provide a broader political and particularly political economy context the counter-insurgency in Afghanistan.  Timor Sharan and John Heathershaw have also taught at the Defence Academy of the UK on Afghanistan and its links to the Central Asian Republics.

Lucy Morgan Edwards:

The Afghan Solution: the inside Story of Abdul Haq, the CIA and how Western Hubris Lost Afghanistan (Bactria Press)

How the ‘entry’ defines the ‘exit’: Contradictions between the political and military strategies adopted in 2001 and how they have deleteriously affected the longer-term  possibilites for stabilisation in Afghanistan, Conflict, Security and Development, vol.14, issue.5, 2014.

Timor Sharan:

‘Identity Politics and Statebuilding in Post-Bonn Afghanistan: The 2009 Presidential Election’, Ethnopolitics, vol. 10, issue3-4, 2011

‘The Dynamics of Elite Networks and Patron–Client Relations in Afghanistan’, Europe-Asia Studies, vol. 63, issue 6, 2011


Workshop: Politics and Strategy in Afghanistan,

Wednesday 13 Feb 2013, 1.30-5.00pm,  Streatham Court 0.28


Major General (Retd) Jerry Thomas, a Royal Marine and former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Intelligence Capability)

Brigadier Doug Chalmers, recently returned former commander of UK forces in Nad-e Ali districts of Afghanistan

Mr Timor Sharan, University of Exeter, will speak on ‘The network politics of statebuilding and the 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan’

Ms Lucy Morgan Edwards, University of Exeter, will speak on ‘An Alternative vision for Transition in Afghanistan’