Babadjanov, Validjon

State of concern: .
Original citizenship: .
Alleged affiliation: 2005 Andijan Uprising.
Which stages experienced: not Stage 1   Stage 2   Stage 3
Class of most serious incident: .
Date of most serious incident: 2006.
Countries of transit, asylum and/or residence: .
Exiled? Yes.
Category of exile: , .

Who, Why and How exiled: After the May 2005 events in Andijan, 400 other residents of Andijan, including Babadjanov, escaped to the city of Osh (Kyrgyzstan).

Stage 1 details (accusations/ charges/ Interpol notice/ extradition requests): He is  wanted due to witnessing government troops shooting on protesters.

Stage 2 details (arrest/ detention/ extradition): Detained in the basement of National Security Services building in Uzbekistan as of August 2006 ( Atayeva,2012).

Stage 3 details (attack/ abduction/ rendition/ torture/ assassination/ death): Kidnapped on 16 August 2006 by the Uzbek National Security Service in Kyrgyzstan and transferred to Uzbekistan (Atayeva,2012; ИНСТИТУТ СТРАН СНГ ИНСТИТУТ ДИАСПОРЫ И ИНТЕГРАЦИИ, 2006).

Current status: Unknown.

Press sources: Nadejda Atayeva, "The Karimov Regime is Accused of Terrorist Activities: Аn Attempt on the Life of Political Émigré Obidkhon Nazarov," February 29, 2012. [Online]. Available at: ИНСТИТУТ СТРАН СНГ ИНСТИТУТ ДИАСПОРЫ И ИНТЕГРАЦИИ: СТРАНЫ СНГ. "Русские и русскоязычные в новом зарубежье". ИНФОРМАЦИОННО-АНАЛИТИЧЕСКИЙ БЮЛЛЕТЕНЬ № 153, September 15, 2006.[Online]. Available at: