Muminov, Otabek

Gender: .
State of concern: .

Who, Why and How exiled:

Otabek Muminov, accused of being a member of the banned Hizb-ut-Tahrir party, fled Uzbekistan in 2001 for Kyrgyzstan (Amnesty International, 2008).

Category of exile: . (Definitions here.)
Alleged affiliation: Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Which stages experienced: not Stage 1   not Stage 2   Stage 3. (Definitions here.)
Date of most serious incident: 2007.
Violence experienced: .

Stage 3 details (attack/ abduction/ rendition/ torture/ assassination/ death):

Muminov was detained in Osh in 2006 and sentenced to three years imprisonment in April 2007 for inciting religious hatred and illegally crossing the border. He was secretly deported from Kyrgyzstan in June, a month after the authorities received an extradition request from Uzbekistan (Amnesty International, 2008).

International arrest warrant: .

Countries of transit, asylum and/or residence: .

Current status:

Unknown location, assumed to be imprisoned in Uzbekistan.

Press sources:

Amnesty International (2008) Europe and Central Asia Summary of Amnesty International’s Concerns in the Region, July - December 2007