Okhunjonov, Narzullo

State of concern: .
Original citizenship: .
Alleged affiliation: Journalist.
Which stages experienced: Stage 1   Stage 2   not Stage 3
Class of most serious incident: .
Date of most serious incident: 2017.
Countries of transit, asylum and/or residence: , .
Exiled? Yes.
Category of exile: .

Who, Why and How exiled: Narzullo Okhunjonov, is an Uzbek journalist who been living in exile in Turkey since 2013 in order to avoid politically motivated persecution for his reporting ( Indexoncensorship.or.,2017). Okhunjonov writes in Uzbek and Russian for media outlets including BBC Uzbek on topics such as Uzbekistan’s authoritarian government and has criticised the politcs of  president Islam Karimov (Indexoncensorship.or.,2017).

Stage 1 details (accusations/ charges/ Interpol notice/ extradition requests): Uzbek authorities issued an international arrest warrant on fraud charges against Okhunjonov, who denies the charges ( Indexoncensorship.or., 2017).

Stage 2 details (arrest/ detention/ extradition): Okhundzhonov was detained by Ukrainian border guards at Kiev's 'Zhulyany' airport on September 20, 2017  under an international Interpol  warrant  arrest ( Ferghana news, 2017). A Kyiv court then approved a 40-day detention period for the journalist, the limit under an Interpol notice ( Indexoncensorship.or., 2017).

Legal status (refugee/ asylum seeker/ resident): In September 2017, he arrived to Kiev from Turkey to apply for political asylum for him and his family ( Ferghana news, 2017). He was released from detention in Kiev on the 18th of September 2017 (Ferghana news, 2017).

Current status: In 2017 Okhunjonov along with his wife and five children were seeking political asylum from the Ukrainian authorities. They are currently living in Ukraine ( Indexoncensorship.or., 2017)

Press sources: Indexoncensorship.org. 2017. 'Index urges Ukraine to not extradite journalist to Uzbekistan'. 29, Sept. 2017. [Online]. Available at: https://www.indexoncensorship.org/2017/09/ukraine-extradite-journalist-uzbekistan/ Ferghana news. 2017.'Задержанный в Киеве узбекский журналист Нарзулло Охунджонов освобожден из-под стражи' 19 Oct., 2017.[Online]. Available at: http://www.fergananews.com/news/27066