Salikhov, Umedjon

He was represented by a human rights lawyer, Buzurgmehr Yorov, who was himself recently imprisoned in connection with the political crackdown ( Human Rights Watch, 2016]
State of concern: .
Original citizenship: .
Alleged affiliation: Group of 24.He has been accused of being part of the Group 24 ( Asia-Plus, 2015).
Which stages experienced: not Stage 1   Stage 2   Stage 3
Class of most serious incident: .
Date of most serious incident: 2015.
Countries of transit, asylum and/or residence: .
Exiled? Yes.
Category of exile: .

Stage 1 details (accusations/ charges/ Interpol notice/ extradition requests): During the trial, prosecutor Abdulfattokhi Khabib alleged Salikhov had distributed extremist materials via social media, including onOdnoklassniki, a Russian social networking site, Facebook, and YouTube, in which he called on young people in Tajikistan to join Group 24 ( Asia-Plus, 2015). The prosecution also accused him of the crime of insulting the president, by stating that President Rahmon had sold Tajik land to China and should resign ( Human Rights Watch, 2016).

Stage 2 details (arrest/ detention/ extradition): Was detained immediately on his arrival to the Dushanbe airport in October 2014 ( Asia Plus, 2015).

Stage 3 details (attack/ abduction/ rendition/ torture/ assassination/ death): Dushanbe court sentenced Umedjon Salikhov to 17 years and six months in prison on various extremism charges. ( Human Rights Watch, 2016; Asia-Plus, 2015).

Other actions during Stages 1–3 (dispossession/ overseas assets frozen/ intimidation/ action against associates/ …): Tajik security services threatened to prosecute his relatives in Tajikistan ( Human Rights Watch, 2016).

Legal status (refugee/ asylum seeker/ resident): Imprisoned

Current status: Imprisoned in Tajikistan.

Press sources: Human Rights Watch, 2016. " Tajikistan: Severe Crackdown on Political Opposition: US, EU Should Urgently Raise Abuses", 17 February, 2016. [Online]. Available at: Asia-Plus, 2015. "Член «Группы 24» Умеджон Салихов приговорен к 17,5 годам колонии", 4 March, 2015. [Online]. Available at: