Soliyev, Shokirzhon

Gender: .
State of concern: .

Who, Why and How exiled:

Moved from Uzbekistan to Russia in September 2009 looking for employment (ECHR, 2012).

Category of exile: . (Definitions here.)

Which stages experienced: Stage 1   Stage 2   not Stage 3. (Definitions here.)
Date of most serious incident: 2010.
Violence experienced: .

Stage 1 details (accusations/ charges/ Interpol notice/ extradition requests):

Charged on 24 December 2009 by the Uzbek authorities with attempting to overthrow the constitutional order, belonging to a religious group (the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan), and dissemination of subversive materials. An arrest warrant was issued and his name was put on a wanted list (ECHR, 2012).

Stage 2 details (arrest/ detention/ extradition):

Arrested on 30 March 2010 by Russian authorities when he went to the migration authority to apply for a temporary residence permit. He was detained with a view to extradition. The Supreme Court of Russia annulled the extradition order in December 2010 due to the reasonable risk of ill-treatment if he were returned to Uzbekistan. Soliyev was released the same day (ECHR, 2012).

International arrest warrant: .

Countries of transit, asylum and/or residence: .

Legal status (refugee/ asylum seeker/ resident):

On his way to applying for temporary resident when he was arrested in March 2010. Applied for asylum in April 2010 but was dismissed (European Court of Human Rights,  2012).

Current status:

He was released and remains in Russia (HRO, 2010).

Press sources:

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Legal sources:

European Court of Human Rights, 2012. Case of Soliyev v. Russia. Judgment, June 5, 2012. [Online]. Available at: