Beginning 2018, the Exeter Central Asian Studies has a newsletter to inform its core public — NGOs, officials, academics, lawyers, and relatives of exiles — on the Central Asia Political Exiles (CAPE) project, as well as trends and events in the field.

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The newsletter appears once per term (Spring — Summer — Fall), to keep anyone interested up-to-date with the situation of political exiles from Central Asia.

Newsletter archive

Central Asia Political Exiles Newsletter #2 — Summer 2018

Message from the Team Welcome to the summer edition of your Central Asia Political Exiles Newsletter. In this issue, we feature the launch of the second edition of the CAPE database and a number of reports on the deteriorating space for human rights and free media in parts of the Central Asian region. We link […]

Central Asia Political Exiles Newsletter #1 — Spring 2018

Message from the team Welcome to the first issue of the Central Asian Political Exiles (CAPE) Newsletter. As the year 2017 is now closed, it is good to look back and reflect on the past events. Over the past decade, Central Asian states have grown emboldened and have gained influence within the global arena, transcending […]