New BBC Comedy on Central Asia: What impact do popular discourses have on public perceptions of the region?

Central Asia is frequently represented in popular culture as obscure, dangerous and oriental (See for example Heathershaw and Megoran, 2011). […]

Marrying Relatives in Yazgulom: Public Problem or Private Affair?

Yazgulom is a valley in the Pamirs with a population of 6,000 spread across five villages.  The locals speak Yazgulomi, […]

Contesting Patriarchy in Rural Tajikistan: Hidden Transcripts and Sharm

By Edward Lemon During another life, famed Financial Times journalist and author of Fools Gold Gillian Tett wrote her PhD […]

Atambaev’s big bid to centralise power

Details are starting to emerge of some of the ‘substance’ behind the charges against Keldibekov, Omurkulov and others. But, […]

Exeter Central Asian Studies external seminar / internal workshop series 2013/14

All seminars, Wednesday, 1.00-2.30pm, Amory 115 (unless stated).   1.00-2.30pm, Friday, Oct. 4th.   Amory 239C Dr Stuart Horsman, Foreign and […]

Chatham House Workshop: Conflict Management in Central Asia

First workshop for the ESRC Research project, Rising Powers and Conflict Management in Central Asia, 10 September 2013, at Chatham House: […]

First speaker of 2013/14

‘The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and Kyrgyzstan’s  crisis of 2010’ Dr Stuart Horsman, Principal Research Analyst, Foreign […]

Narrating Tajik History in the National Museum

By Ed Lemon Not far from the world’s tallest flagpole and the dormant Palace of Nations lies the newly opened […]

Why is there so much construction in Central Asia’s capitals?

The Khan Shatyr shopping centre in Astana; Dushanbe’s “world’s largest” flagpole; yet another new apartment building in Bishkek   By […]

Final events of Spring Term 2013 in Exeter and Newcastle

Weds March 20th, 15.00-16.30 Kolade Teaching Room, Business School, Dr Yang Cheng, Associate Professor of International Relations, East China Normal […]

Project launch: Rising Powers and Conflict Management

1.30-5.00pm Wednesday 13 March, 2013 University of Exeter, Amory 315 1.30-2.00pm.      John Heathershaw & Ivan Campbell, Welcome and introduction to […]

Central Asia’s Hidden Offshore Ties — The Politics of Money-laundering and Virtual State-Building

Date & time: April 2, 9am-1pm, Venue: 1501 International Affairs Building, Harriman Institute, Columbia University Description: For the first two […]