Keeping the Sacred Secret: Pilgrims’ Voices at Sacred Sites in Kyrgyzstan

By Zemfira Inogamova Reprinted by permission of the Publishers from ‘”Keeping the Sacred Secret: Pilgrims” Voices at Sacred Sites in […]

Tajiks fighters in Iraq: What do the latest series of videos tell us?

Cover Photo: Abu Muhammed Tojiki    Credit: Odnoklassniki In December 2014, thirteen videos of Tajik jihadists fighting with the Islamic […]

The ‘Muslim radicalisation of Central Asia’ is a dangerous myth

Security think-tanks and online expert communities in the Western world are perpetuating the dangerous myth that Muslim radicalisation is rife […]

Call for Proposals: New Perspectives on Conflict, Security and Peace in Eurasia: A Two-Day Workshop

  DATE: 3-4 June 2015 VENUE: OSCE Academy, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, (in collaboration with the UK Economic and Social Research Council) […]

EXCAS Member Edward Lemon Participates in RFE/RL Panel on Central Asian Militants

Cover photo: ISIS militants in Raqqa, Syria    Credit: RFE/RL Last week EXCAS member Edward Lemon discussed the role that […]

‘Islam, Secularism and Security in Central Asia and Beyond’, Chatham House

On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th November, John Heathershaw, David Lewis, Gregorio Bettiza and Edward Lemon from the Department of […]

Social Movements and Geopolitical Issues in Central Asia: A Colloquium

Scholars of Central Asian politics and society gathered at Sciences Po, Centre d’études et de recherches internationales (CERI), for a colloquium jointly […]

Exceptional Measures: Internet Blockade in Tajikistan and Group 24

Cover Photo:Group 24 leader  Umarali Quvvatov    Credit: These are purportedly exceptional times in Tajikistan. Dushanbe remains in the […]

Researchers at Risk: Debating the Dilemmas of Research in Authoritarian Societies

Marking the 100th day since the arrest of Alexander Sodiqov in Khorog, Tajikistan, staff and students in the Universities of […]

John Heathershaw on Alexander Sodiqov’s release, 12 September 2014

Personal statement by John Heathershaw on Alexander Sodiqov’s release, 12 September 2014 I am delighted that Alexander, Musharraf and daughter Erica […]

Profiling Tajik Fighters in Syria

Cover Photo: Tajik fighter Olim Yusuf    Credit: YouTube Since the government first admitted there was evidence that Tajik citizens […]

Alone Through the Forbidden Land: Gustav Krist’s Account of Early-Soviet Central Asia

Cover photo: The Qirghiz in flight to the Pamirs    Credit: Gustav Krist Austrian explorer Gustav Krist’s account of early […]