Additions, revisions and reviews

Ad hoc reviews may be done at any moment, in response to a query about the database. Please contact us if you notice a possible inaccuracy or omission. If you are an exile, or the bona fide representative of an exile, and would like an entry removed, please get in touch with the project director, John Heathershaw.

The annual review takes place each year from January–June. The following steps take place:

  1. Update and complete current entries based on searching sources.
  2. Add new entries based on searching sources.
  3. Identify categories for each new entry
  4. Check categories of update entries
  5. Edit database to ensure text is paraphrased and main sources are clearly referenced.
  6. Peer review to check, supplement and validate entries. Peer reviewers (country and regional experts) are contacted and sent a copy of the database or a sub-set of it, as well as review instructions.
  7. Minor revisions are made to specific entries on advice of reviewers; any new entries recommended by reviewers must be made with reference to standard sources and any recommended sources.
  8. The database is shared among the project team and advisory board and checked for quality, anomalies and trends.
  9. The analysis on the website is updated and new ‘issues’ articles posted.
  10. A new edition is readied for publication (if applicable).

The CAPE project relies on our anonymous reviewers and international advisory board. For ethical reasons the names of reviewers and advisors remain confidential.

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