Saidov, Islomiddin

Gender: .
State of concern: .

Who, Why and How exiled:

Islomiddin is a Poland-based Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) activist ( Human Rights Watch, 2017).

Category of exile: . (Definitions here.)

Which stages experienced: Stage 1   not Stage 2   not Stage 3. (Definitions here.)
Date of most serious incident: 2017.
Violence experienced: .

Stage 1 details (accusations/ charges/ Interpol notice/ extradition requests):

On July 8, security service officers detained Asomuddin Saidov, father of Islomiddin Saidov, in the village of Pandowchi Sari dasht in Tajikistan’s central Nurobod district. The officers took the father to the Dushanbe security services detention facility for interrogation. They showed Saidov pictures of his son taking part in peaceful demonstrations in Warsaw in September 2016 and threatened to take “necessary actions” against his son if he would not cease his political activism. The officers also visited Islomiddin’s sister’s home in Dushanbe seeking to interrogate her (Human Rights Watch, 2017).

On July 9 and 10, Pandowchi Sari dasht village officials summoned the father in front of a group of “concerned citizens” while officials and others denounced his son and the entire family for their “treacherous” political activities against the government. Officials and other people publicly shamed Saidov and exhorted him to bring his son back to Tajikistan to face justice (Human Rights Watch, 2017).

International arrest warrant: .

Countries of transit, asylum and/or residence: .

Current status:

He is based in Poland ( Human Rights Watch, 2017).

Press sources:

Human Rights Watch, 2017. 'Tajikistan: Stop Persecuting Opposition Families US, EU Should Urgently Address Retaliation'. 18th of July 2017. [Online]. Available at: